Pending Drawback Claims of Member-Exporters

No. CEPC/CM-KRW/2014                      Dated : 18th May, 2015


All Members of CEPC.


Sub.: Pending Drawback Claims of Member-Exporters.


Dear Members,


          I have received various representations from Member-Exporters regarding the problems faced by them in respect to the  delay in release of their Drawback Claims. It has also come to my notice that some ports are asking unnecessary documents for release of pending Duty Drawback.


          Member-Exporters are hereby informed through this circular that in case the Port Authorities require any Certificate, your Chartered Accountant (C.A.) certification is also valid.


          However, you are advised to inform the details of your pending Drawback Claims Port-wise alongwith the reasons, for which they are being withheld, so that we can take up the matter with concerned authorities on priority altogether rather than pursuing case by case.


          This is being done, keeping in view the financial difficulties faced by the Member-Exporters for non-release of their Drawback Claims.


With regards,

                                                          Yours faithfully,



                                                KULDEEP R. WATTAL