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Importance of Indian Carpets & their Types in the Carpet Markets

Indian Handmade Carpets play an important role in home décor furnishing everywhere around the world. Carpets are with no doubt one of the most important factors that can make a room look improved and attractive. Using carpets can change the entire appearance and impression of a room or living space, instantly. Handmade Carpets provide great warmth and a touch of softness and coziness to the room. Smart use of good handmade carpets can make a dull-room look lively and refresh. That is one of the reason handmade carpets find a special place in the entire home furnishing stores around the world, without any doubt.

Carpet in India

Handmade Carpets were brought to India by the Mughal and carpet sector is one of the oldest sectors in India. As time passed, more people adapted handmade carpet weaving in both the segments and it has slowly developed to a large industry particularly in the northern parts of India and in general in all parts of India. Several historical factors and the availability of raw materials for handmade carpets made a few centers famous for carpet making; Bhadohi-Mirzapur-Varanasi, Agra, Panipat, Jammu and Kashmir, and Jaipur top the list. In the recent decades, we saw emergence of many other carpet manufacturing centers in and around India.

Over the years, Indian Handmade Carpet markets have grown by leaps and bounds; and it has seen the emergence of Mega Carpet Manufacturing Clusters like Agra, Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Varanasi, Gopiganj etc centers in Uttar Pradesh, Bikaner-Jaipur belt in Rajasthan; Srinagar, Jammu, Baramullah, Leh belt in Jammu & Kashmir;  Panipat & Sonepat belt in Haryana; Gwalior belt in Madhaya Pradesh; Baruch belt in Gujarat; Purri, Cuttack belt in Orissa; Danapur & Madhubani belt in Bihar; Eluru & Warrangal belt in Andhra Pradesh.

India is today a clear leader in the International Handmade Carpet Market.  Even after a commanding share in global exports, the country managed to increase its expots consequently for the fifth year in a row. 

Key Markets and potential

India exports rugs & carpets to over 73 countries, mainly to USA, Germany, Canada, U.K. Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Brazil…… and of late to Carpet Manufacturing countries China, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan.

USA with 43.84% share followed by Europe with 31.15% share (Germany, UK, France being leading importers) are traditionally the biggest and established markets for Indian carpets.  Europe however, however, seems to be stagnant today, with no sign of revival in demand, forcing exporters to find new markets.  Scandinavian countries have an unexplored potential to be tapped. We at CEPC have also identified some thrust countries for this purpose.

Over 75 to 85% of the handmade carpets weaved in India are exported. Indian carpets are renowned for their quality, vibrant colors and fine designs. 

According to DGCI&S, in 2014-2015 the total exports of handmade carpets alone stood at 8441.95 Crore in terms of Indian rupee and Million US$ 1380.67 and the exports were made to more than 125 countries all over the world.

Types of carpets made in India


In India, there are seven types of carpets made by different carpet belts across the country. They are as follows.


Floor Rug in VelvetStaple / synthetic carpets

These carpets are made from synthetic fibers, unlike most other types of carpets produced in India. The purposes of these types of carpets are derived from its superior strength when compared to carpets made from natural fibers or yarn. These have various applications in textile industries, military purposes, industrial purposes and horticulture etc. Synthetic carpets are not very good for human health in general.


Pure silk carpets

Made completely from silks, these carpets have allured and captured the imaginations of man from time immemorial. In most carpet belts, manufacturing and weaving silk carpets is a family business where the secrets and techniques are transferred from one generation to the following ones. They are great for home décor furnishing purposes.

GABBE Woolen Carpets

Primarily and largely produced in the Bhadohi-Mirzapur regions of Uttar Pradesh, GABBE Woolen Carpets follow indigenous and unique tradition of various tribal patterns which are very antique and elegant. The unique weaving and coloring techniques make these carpets one of the most sought after and costliest carpets that is available in India as of now. Though exact compositions of the fibers are unknown, they are generally made of 25% cotton and 75% wool.


Tufted woolen carpets

These types of carpets can be made by hand or by machine. Inexpert eyes cannot differentiate among the two. These types of rugs can be made pretty easily making it one of the largely produced and exported carpets in India. The carpets tend to vary in color, designs and the patterns that are used on them, to provide unique and wonderful feel wherever they are used for home décor furnishing. Tufted woolen carpets are also one of the best looking carpets out there.

Hand-made woolen durries

These types of carpets are made from the finest wool making it look better and beautiful. In India, the tradition of making carpets by human hands results in highest quality and superfine feel. These can be made only by the finest carpet weavers in the inlands of India. These carpets are made in special designs and unique patterns according to the requirements of the clients. These can be bought from home furnishing stores in India and are renowned for its premium feel and durability.

Wool Chain Stitch Rugs


These types of rugs are made by loosely twisting the yarn on cotton or linen based materials. Wool Chain Stitch rugs are very famous and they are featured in various museum and exhibits around the world. Rotating from the center, the rows of this type of rugs create solid and stylish patterns making a clear embossed feeling to add different textures.

Hand-knotted woolen carpets

Well-liked for its elegant style and unique craftsmanship, these type of carpets are adored all around the world. There are many carpet manufacturers who offer customized carpets for clients as they require.


Pricing of carpets in India

Pricing of carpets in India is competitive than anywhere else. With rich tradition of manufacturing carpets and rugs for centuries, Indian Handmade Carpets, Rugs and Other Floor Coverings have great demand in the international carpet markets. The Carpet Export Promotion Council makes every possible effort to make sure that the demand stays at adequate rate to make sure that Indian carpet industry can fight the competition from other countries effectively.