Annual Membership Subscription for the year 2017-18


NO CEPC/MS/ACCT/2017-18                        Dated 14-03-2017


All  Members of the  Council

Subject: - Annual Membership Subscription for the year 2017-18

Dear Sirs,

This is to inform that Annual Membership Subscription of this Council has already been revised w.e.f 1st April,  2016 as under:-


S. No


Amount of Annual membership subscription in (Rs.)


Export Performance up to

Rs 50.00 lakhs during 2016-17


(S.T.15%)=Rs. 2,300.00


Export performance above

Rs 50.00 lakhs & up to Rs 1.00 Crore during 2016-17


(S.T.15%)= Rs. 3,450.00


Export Performance above

Rs 1.00 Crore and up to

Rs 10.00 Crores during


5,000.00 + 750.00



Export Performance above

Rs 10.00 Crores during



(S.T.15%)= Rs.11,500.00


In terms of Article-14 of the Memorandum and Article of Association of this Council, every Member of this Council is required to pay Annual Membership Subscription by 31st May 2017


1.    Membership Subscription must be paid through Bank Draft / at par cheque in favour of Carpet Export Promotion Council, payable at New Delhi on any Nationalized Bank. Please note that out stationed cheque will not be acceptable.


2.    A certificate from Chartered Accountant certifying the annual export performance (F.O.B. value of exports) of handmade carpets and other floor coverings for the year 2016-17 must be accompanied with the payments of Membership Subscription for regularization your Membership Subscription.


3.    Annual Membership Subscription must be paid by 31st May every year. In case member fails to pay the annual membership subscription up to  31st May 2017, he shall be liable to pay a Late Fee of Rs. 575.00  (Rs.500+Rs. 75 S.T.) up to 30.09.2017


                                                                                For Carpet Export Promotion Council

                                                                                                 New Delhi